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Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!

Surprisingly, the phone company sent a service tech out on a Sunday! Yay!  Turns out it was a bad line; he replaced it, and my DSL is now working.

So my electricity is working as is my DSL, and I ate chicken today without any problem.  Maybe things are calming down now?  It's been a tough month--I had the surgery, went back to work (and the begining of the school year is *always* stressful), experienced my first hurricane and broke up with my boyfriend of three years who had been my fiance for the past six months.  Sheesh, no wonder I haven't been able to eat well!  Talk about stress!

Wednesday is payday, and I'm going to the Y to join for the pool.  Swimming is an exercise that I love to do--it doesn't even seem like exercise to me.  With my knees, the pool is a great idea, and I finally feel well enough to get off my butt!

It's Labor Day, people...the end of the summer, and for me, the end of a long month!  Have a relaxing day! (And thanks for clicking on the ads occasionally--I make a little money when you do, you know?!)

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