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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Sunday night, I got so involved with the Emmy Awards that I forgot to blog!  Sorry about that!  Sunday was my birthday--and I had a good day.  I went to dinner with my friend Dorothy to Outback.  I don't usually go there, but we had a couple "freebies", so I let Dorothy get the free steak (and I ate four petals of the free Bloomin' Onion).

Monday night, I went to dinner with my friend Crystal, where I had a half of a grilled pork chop, half a baked potato, a couple bites of salad, a bite of Texas toast and even a taste of dessert!  Because it was my birthday, the server brought a delicious peanut butter pie. (Tiny thing, the diameter of a water glass maybe, but nonetheless delicious!)  I stuck my fork in the side, tasted it and was happy to stop at that.

It was a great time.  Crystal and I chatted for more than two hours (which we always do), and I took my time and ate slowly.  I was completely satisfied by this meal.  It seems like a lot of food when I look at the list but it wasn't.  (And Crystal can attest to that! lol)  I was able to eat an entire meal!  Yay! The pork chop was amazingly delicious--probably because I've been eating only chicken for the past three weeks!

It was a great time--not just the company and the conversation, which was great--but also because I learned that I *can* even taste dessert without losing control, without overeating, without "ruining my diet".  Because this *isn't* a diet--it's a lifestyle change.  And tonight, I took a picture of my face--just my face for now, but what a change!!

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