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Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Y" Not?

As promised, I went to the Y after school and paid for three months.  Why three months?  Not sure if I'll have time to swim in December because I go to NY for two weeks, but I LOVED it so much today that maybe I'll just pay for the year...

I put my swimsuit on before I left the house--and it was really too big! Yay! Except that now I have a problem--I just paid for three months at the Y so I could go swimming!  I hate to put a lot of money into a new suit because it seems like I won't be in it for very long!  Still, it's a pretty good problem to have, huh?

The water in the recreation pool is five degrees warmer than the water in the competition/lap pool.  It was heavenly.  I spent an entire hour moving--treading water, swimming, exercising.  I probably would have overdone it--my muscles ache badly right now--but there was a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder, so we had to get out of the pool.  I spent another 15 minutes or so in the steam room, where a very nice woman let me borrow one of her towels.  Guess who didn't know that the Y doesn't provide them anymore?
I almost didn't go.  I almost decided to stay home.  I almost chickened out.  I usually have no problem going places alone, but for a brief moment, I was reluctant to go to the Y alone.  But that was behavior that the "old" me would have owned--not the "new" me.  And I've got to tell you--this new version of me?  I like her.  A lot.  My friend, T, said that I would change--that he'd seen five other people go through this surgery, and they changed.  I originally said I would not.  But now I embrace the idea of changing.  If I change for the better, "Y" not?

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