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Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Not Feeling It...

I spent the day in the house, feeling "under the weather", which is my phrase for non-specific feeling of blah!

I've been achy and crampy and just feeling terrible.  I had all kinds of plans for the day, but instead spent the day taking it easy.  I fell asleep during the afternoon and woke up dreaming of Scotland.  I've never been to Scotland, so this was odd--until I found that "Braveheart" was on television! So weird when a dream can be affected by reality!

I will go shopping some time this week; in the meantime, I've dug a few things out of my closet--things that will fit for a little while, at least...

I'm hoping for a better week than weekend, but I'm calling it an early night.  Happy Monday, everyone!

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