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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Day of Disappointments...

I love, love, love Jason Statham, but his new movie, Killer Elite, isn't his best work.  In fact, it was slow, sluggish and even boring in spots.  And shopping was equally disappointing!

I did buy a new bra--two band sizes smaller and an entire cup smaller.  Yeah, that sucks.  I wish I could point a fat-sucking gun in the places I need it rather having than the "girls" shrinking away to nothing, but what can you do?

I didn't find any jeans or dress slacks, but plan on going back out tomorrow.  I am happy to report that the bathing suit I ordered came, and it fits!  It's two sizes smaller than the one I've been wearing--and I'm glad to have the support of one that actually fits!  The old one was so big that it was uncomfortable, riding up in places that should never have anything ride up into them!

Yesterday, I had my 1,000th hit on this blog--THANK YOU!  I guess that someone really *is* reading this, although I'd never know it because people don't comment!  Someone *did* tell me on Facebook that the blog is helping--I hope that's true, because writing it helps ME.  It allows me to be introspective, which makes this journey easier.  If someone else benefits from this experience, I'm pleased beyond measure.
And tomorrow?  Tomorrow, I'm going shopping again...and I won't come home without at least ONE pair of pants!

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  1. I read your blog all the time! So much, that I'm writing one myself! Just so you know, your blog REALLY helps me A LOT. I started mine Thursday. At first it was more for me, like personally than sharing with others...but I had a change of heart.

    If I put it out there, more people will hold me accountable. SO I HAVE TO KEEP PUSHING! Love you! Sorry about the Jason Statham, hope he was still great eye candy! ;)