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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Okay, guys...this post is NOT for you...Look Away!!

Hormones suck.  Especially after weight loss.  I figured out--finally--why I'm feeling so lousy.  I'm PMSing.

Never mind that I haven't had my period (Guys, I warned you!) in more than a year.  This weight loss has brought on hormonal fluctuations, and I am feeling ALL the symptoms of PMS, including feeling "fat" (I could not understand that one at all!), irritability, weepiness, aches and pains and the sorest nipples (guys, I told you to look away!) I've had in years.  I feel like I've been nursing a VAMPIRE!

The good news is that I understand this now.  It doesn't make the symptoms go away, but at least I understand them.  And understanding is half the battle, right?


  1. More men should read this. It would help them UNDERSTAND what women really go through!

  2. "Look Away!!!" reminds me of Bridesmaids! Hope you're feeling better soon! :)