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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another New Friend!

I had a great lunch yesterday with the new guy, whom I'll call "Guy" for a while.  He was very nice, seemed to really be into ME, and we've already made plans to see each other again.  Guy is about 5'10 or so, retired from nearly 30 years in the Army and works as an EMT. In the 90 minutes we were together, he showed himself to be a good-hearted man which is most important to me!  He hugged me goodbye and held me a little "too" long--which was fine because it showed me he really was into me, and he smelled SO good!

It was nice being with a taller man--Whit was only an INCH taller than I, and I've always liked reaching up to hug a man!  Guy told me that he thinks I'm beautiful--inside and out, which was a great compliment!  We definitely will see each other next weekend, but we may see each other tomorrow. Today, I'm going to see Men in Black III at the IMAX with Daisy.  There's nothing like 3D IMAX!!

Last evening, I went to the engagement party of one of my former students, Josh.  Both he and his older brother are getting married this year, so his parents threw a pig picking, where they had so much amazing food.  It was wonderful to see him--talk about tall, he's at least 6'5"--and his fiancee Betsy.  Josh's father, whom I know well, didn't even recognize me.  I have to say--that's a surreal and wonderful outcome of this surgery!  I had a great time chatting with an older couple and eating a delicious meal.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day--and much more than just a day off.  It's a day to remember those we've lost.  Have a super Sunday--share it with someone you love!

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