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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Never Been So Happy to Be Average!

Well, it's confirmed...I'm AVERAGE!  Yay!  After years of being "queen-sized" or "plus-sized", I'm wearing a regular misses' size 14.  According to, the average woman wears a 14!

I went shopping yesterday afternoon and bought a skirt and three tops at Cato.  The skirt, a floral pattern, was really cute, and I picked up a size L.  When I went to get dressed, I held up the skirt and literally said aloud, "What were you thinking when you bought this?  There is no way it's going to fit..." and then I stepped into it.  It fit perfectly.  When will my head catch up with my body?

I went to prom where the kids all looked beautiful!  After prom, I went to WalMart to buy some containers for the pulled pork that I made in the crock-pot yesterday.  There I bought a dress ($14--just a cute sleeveless summer dress!), a new bra (38C--I've lost an entire cup size AND four inches), undies and a pretty pink printed light cardigan which will be really cute over that dress.  (And which I'll probably wear to graduation).

It's Sunday.  I'm taking one of my "baby birds", Trevor, to the movies and to lunch.  He just graduated from ECU on Friday, and I'm so proud of him.  Hope you get to spend some time with someone you love!

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