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Friday, May 11, 2012

What Have You Done for YOU Lately?

I've decided that I love buying clothes.  It's so funny to me now!  I went and bought another sleeveless dress--this one is a brown and white "batik" print with crocheted detail at the neckline.  It's really cute, comfortable and looks good!

It's so unusual for me to feel this way about myself and about clothing.  I thought that the health benefits of this surgery were great (and they are), but the aesthetics! Wow!  I am confident about having my picture taken for the first time I can remember.  I'm confident about meeting new people and about applying for new jobs.  I was always relatively confident--and GOOD at pretending to be completely confident--but this newly found REAL confidence makes me feel unstoppable.

So...this is what treating myself well has done for ME.  What have you done for YOURSELF lately!

It's finally Friday--enjoy your day!

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