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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last night, I packed up SEVEN bags and one box of clothing I can no longer wear.  I gave two bags and the box to the Salvation Army; two bags to a colleague and three to the parent of one of my students.

I love being able to do that!  In fact, it's one of the coolest things about this entire process!  At first, I was bothered when my colleague wore one of my tops to school--I think in part because I was still feeling that size.  While I still have days like that, they are fewer all the time!  Yesterday, she wore one of the tops I had given her and it looked great on her!

Today, I'm wearing my engagement ring--on my middle finger.  It doesn't fit my ring finger anymore, and it's too pretty to sit in my jewelry box.  I suppose I should have returned the ring to him when I broke up with him, but remember--he said he wasn't sure he could be attracted to me when I lost the weight.  Now, really...does he DESERVE the ring back?  It's pretty, right?  And looks good on that finger!!  (Just FYI, ring size dropped from an 8 to about a 7...depending on how wide the band.)  Shoe size has changed, too.  I had to tighten EVERY one of my shoes!

It's Thursday--just one more day and the long weekend is upon us!  Have a thoughtful, thank-filled Thursday, folks!

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