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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Woes

Today is the last day of classes for my seniors.  And yes, it's bittersweet.  This has been a tough year--we started with a hurricane and a broken engagement (mine) and we're ending with laughter and tears (also mine).  This school year has seen me lose 110 pounds (more or less) and we've been blessed that none of our kids have been lost in accidents, which, unfortunately, our neighboring schools can't claim.  It's a time of jubilation and of loss.  And I go through this every year.

Last night, the television show Glee had its graduation, and while some people complained that they weren't happy with the outcome, it rang true for me.  This is my eighth year at this school, and I've cried like a baby every year.  Graduation is a time of such excitement for the kids, but the more savvy kids realize that it's also a sad time.  Their lives are about to get busy!  And difficult.  Kids think that college is a time of freedom and joy--and it can be--but it can also be a crucible of character.  No more teachers nagging at them to remind them to do their assignments means that students without self-discipline may find college nearly impossible.

I hope I've done my job well and have prepared "my kids" for the future.  It's funny that after nineteen years of teaching that I still have my doubts, but I do.  I guess I wouldn't be a good teacher if I didn't!

Have a wonderful Wednesday; sorry this is such a somber entry, but even though my seniors had parties today (and oh, the food!  I'm so glad I don't eat like that anymore!), I'm not really in a party mood!

PS: This blog has had more than 14 THOUSAND page views!  Thank you for sticking with me!  Who knew when I started this in August that people would actually LIKE to read this stuff?!


  1. Ms. Harvey you have taught lots of kids and all I've ever heard were good things about you. What you have taught them will never go away. There will be a time that they will say, "I remember Ms. Harvey said ..." It's like I have always told Kayla, the high school years are the best years of your life. Having actually met you Kayla's freshman year has been a pleasure and I hope that we will cross paths again. On the bright side, you do look fabulous :)

  2. You taught us (class of 07) alot!