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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Who do you suppose first coined that phrase?  A jeweler, maybe?  Because other than jewelry, I can't think of too many things to which that phrase applies.  Certainly not men (and I know you know what I mean...).  Generally speaking, we want our "money's worth", right?  Why settle for a small when we can "value size" for just 99 cents more?  

Restaurant portions are out of control.  Even before the surgery, I could usually get a second meal out of almost anything I ordered in a restaurant.  These days, I get a second meal out of kids' portions!  I recently read that today's fast-food hamburger is 40 percent larger than that of 30 years ago.  Now, for those of you thinking that they should be because those burgers used to cost less than a dollar, keep in mind that the calories have nearly doubled, too!  

A "small" soda used to be 12 ounces.  Now a small is at least 20 ounces.  A "small" popcorn at the movies is 630 calories.  630!  That's the calories for nearly two meals.  And yet, how many times have you seen one or two people EMPTY a BUCKET?  Want to know the calorie count on a LARGE popcorn?  Hope you're sitting down...1640 calories, and 126 grams of FAT!

So maybe good things DO come in small packages.  (Except for boyfriends--have I mentioned that?)  I know that the smaller the package I consume, the smaller the package I NEED to put my behind in.  And this is one woman who likes the fact that she's fitting into smaller packages these days!

Tuesday!  Have a terrific one!

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