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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Super Sunday!

I hope you had a good weekend!  I did.  Yesterday, I took Trevor to the IMAX to see "The Avengers".  When we got to the theatre, the 11:30 show was sold out.  So was the 1:45pm show AND the 4:15 show!  We bought tickets for the 7:45 show and then set out to spend the day in Raleigh.

First, we went to lunch/brunch at the Twisted Fork.  The server let us SHARE the buffet, which is unheard of in other restaurants.  He brought me a small plate, and I just took a few bites from Trevor's plate.  I had a small chicken wing, a few pieces of roasted potato, a quarter of a waffle (with a tiny bit of syrup--syrup is not my friend) and a slice of bacon.  I was so full, but happily so!  From there, we went to North Hills and saw "The Raven."  It was pretty good--not great, but I really like both John Cusack and Edgar Allan Poe, so for the most part, I enjoyed it.  (It was a little too graphically violent for my taste...)

From there, Trevor and I went to Sam's Club, where I bought two more pair of Nicole Miller knit capris.  I bought another black pair and a white pair.  I should add that I bought these in size "large" as the first ones I bought were "extra large" and are really too big for me.  They're very nice, super comfortable and wash really well!

From Sam's, we went to get a "snack" at TGI Friday's and then to Trader Joe's.  I had never been to Trader Joe's, and I had no idea what to expect, but it's like an inexpensive Whole Foods.  I sampled their pulled pork which they served with black beans and sweet potato/corn tortilla chips.  (Yummy! I'm going to add black beans to my pulled pork next time I make it.)

Finally, it was time for Trevor and I to go to the IMAX.  We had to wait another hour or so, but it was absolutely WORTH it.  The movie was great, and even though Trevor had seen it the night before, he had to admit that nothing compares to IMAX 3D!  See it if you can--especially in IMAX.  It was exciting, with very cool special effects, but the best part of it was the humor.  It was funnier than I had expected!

It's Monday--and this is late because I got in at 1am after taking Trevor home, so I'm tired.  Have a good day and I'll be earlier tomorrow!!

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