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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Size DOES Matter

Of all the lies we tell ourselves (and each other), "size doesn't matter" has to be one of the biggest!  Of course size matters!  Would you try to wear a size 10 shoe if you only needed a size 7?  Or a size 5 if you needed an 8?  Would the dress you fell in love with be a great purchase if it didn't fit? If you were 6'4", would you buy a sub-compact car?  Size matters. (And ladies, if you've ever dated a man who than gifted, you know exactly what I mean!)

When I was a size 22-24, I ripped the tags out of my clothes.  All of them.  I didn't want to advertise that number--to myself or to anyone else.  Today, wearing a regular size "large", I have no desire to rip the tag out.  In fact, I think I'm wearing the tags like badges of honor!  

Size does matter.  Whether we're talking about the guy we're dating or the size clothing we're wearing. I'm reaching a point where I'm comfortable with my size.  Truly comfortable.  It's really hard to get my head around these changes sometimes; in fact, today I came into school to find a colleague wearing one of my old tops.  It looks good on her, but I feel like it should still fit ME.  Still, I wouldn't go back to that size for anything--because whether you like it or not, size DOES matter.

I feel like I've turned a corner in the healing process and am feeling happy today.  Maybe it's because I realized something important?  Yeah, I think that's it! It's Wednesday.  I hope yours is wonderful.

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