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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cuban Food? (And in the DARK!)

Last night, Martha and I went to Havana Grill in Cary.  I had a "Living Social" gift certificate where I paid $10 for $20 credit.  If you haven't used Living Social or Groupon, you need to do so!  They really benefit you by exposing you to new restaurants and events and by saving you money in the meantime!  That's how I found The Twisted Fork, which I just love.

However, Havana Grill?  Not so much.  Martha is mostly vegetarian, so she ordered a vegetarian sandwich while I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich.  First, sandwiches aren't really a good idea for me because I can't eat much bread, but the description sounded good: Sandwich de Pechuga de Pollo / Grilled Chicken Sandwich Wow, Chicken on the grill. Boneless chicken breast marinated in tropical citrus juices and sautéed on the flat griddle and topped with caramelized onion on pressed Cuban bread.   Sounds good, right?  Well, it was flat, flat, flat (and I don't mean just because it was pressed!)  The sandwiches were to come with "Cuban fries".  Well, inasmuch as neither Martha nor I had ever eaten Cuban food before, we didn't know what to expect.  What we got were shredded little bits of fried potato ON the sandwiches.  Weird.  And not terribly tasty.  It needed...I don't know...something!  But live and learn.  Martha liked hers well enough; the sandwiches were huge, so we did take them home, (although I gave her mine for her aunt or uncle).

I got home about 7:30pm; it was raining and thundering.  My power was out--and that's when I remembered that I hadn't paid the electric bill!  Argh!  So I spent the night in darkness--my laptop had enough power to get me through a few Bejeweled 3 games; I read a little on my Kindle (by flashlight) and listened to a little music on my iPhone (but not much because I needed it charged enough to wake me up this morning!!)  I just called the town, and by paying a FEE, I was able to arrange to have it back on in the next hour or two.  Phewww.  I still had hot-ish water this morning with which to wash up, so it wasn't truly "roughing" it.  I'm really annoyed with myself because I HAD the money--I simply forgot to pay it!

Oh,'s Thursday.  That means the weekend is right around the corner!  Have a great day!

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