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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Mirror and Other New Friends

Have you ever really looked at yourself in the mirror?  I mean really looked?  When I was at my heaviest, I used a mirror to make sure my hair and mascara looked good (I have always had great hair and nice eyes), but I rarely--if ever--looked beyond my head!

Today, the mirror is a friend.  I mean, it's all relative.  Someone who's used to wearing a size 4 would not be happy with a size 12-14 reflection like I am, but I haven't worn a size 4 since I WAS 4.  (And probably not then, either!!)  But since I used to wear a 22-24, wearing a 12-14 makes me feel damned good!  And when I catch my reflection in the mirror, or in a store window, I'm a little surprised by the view but happily so!  I even looked at myself naked last night.  Um...I definitely look better in clothing but even naked wasn't terrible!!

Clothing stores are my friends now, too.  In the last month, I've bought eight dresses!  EIGHT in a month!  I'll bet I haven't bought eight dresses in the last fifteen years!!  I found these adorable sundresses at Walmart for $14.00.  They are cute and very flattering.  I found five of them in the store and ordered three on the website.  If you have them delivered to another Walmart store, they don't charge for shipping; otherwise, the shipping is just $.97 per item!  And they ship fast!  I bought the three online on Tuesday and they arrived yesterday!(And no, Walmart doesn't pay me to endorse them--I just can't afford to be too picky!  We haven't had a raise in five years!)

The dresses are sleeveless--which has always presented a problem for me.  When I was heavier, I hated the size of my upper arms.  Now I hate the flabbiness--picture a balloon that's slowly been deflated over time--but I actually went sleeveless yesterday and did all right!  (I have purchased adorable lace-back "cardigans" to wear over these dresses at Sam's Club for just $14.97 each--I bought 3, one in white, hot pink and black!)  It's hot here in NC, and vanity be damned!  This summer, I'm going to be comfortable!

And it's a good thing that clothing stores and I are friends again--I've given away almost everything I used to own!  I'm trying not to buy too much as I'm still losing weight--I'm down about 116 pounds right now, but short of walking around in the SAME outfit every day, I had to do something!

It's Friday!  (And I have a lunch date tomorrow--different guy, thanks!  I'll let you know more over the weekend, but I DO get good vibes from this one...The one from last week gave me some weak excuse and asked for a second chance, but I don't think so...)  Have a WONDERFUL day, a great weekend and make friends with your mirror!

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