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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Basketball, Junk Food and Me...

I love least high school basketball.  Our team this year is extraordinary, and we may end up going to the state championships.  For now, however, we're in the playoffs.  Monday night, Whit and I went to the game, which was nearly two hours from home.  Wednesday night's game was about an hour away from home, but because I went as chaperone with the cheerleaders, I got home much later than expected--after 11pm.  That makes for a long day--leaving the house at 7:00am and getting in at 11:15pm.  And the food choices on the road?  Not the best.  This afternoon, I had half of a kids' hamburger at Andy's with five fries, and I completely skipped the stop at Bojangles' after the game.  I carry protein bars in my purse for just such occasions!

The next-to-last item on the "To Do" list is "Get carried away."  For me, this is pretty easily done.  I do almost everything with passion, and that's how I interpreted "get carried away".  When was the last time you let yourself get carried away?  When you became so caught up in what you were doing that you lost total track of time?  When you laughed until you cried?  When you became so captivated by a conversation that you didn't even think about looking at your cell phone or at the clock?  I'm sure it's been too long!  I'm happy to say that Whit and I get carried away often--he makes me laugh so hard that I've cried on a number of occasions.  Laughing until you ache!  It's great medicine!  I highly recommend!

It's nearly midnight--and I'm fighting a sinus thing, so I'm going to cut this short.  But I wish you a thankful, thoughtful Thursday--this week FLEW by!  Enjoy every moment you have!

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