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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Part Eleven of the "To Do List"..."Order Dessert"

I know, you thought I'd NEVER give you that advice!  And I have to be honest--I've never been one to order dessert!  Even before the surgery, I didn't order dessert because I was usually full after eating dinner!  However, once in a while, Crystal and I would order the zeppoli at Olive Garden, and we'd enjoy them tremendously--even if we took half of our dinners home with us!

And I think that's the point of today's "rule".  "Dessert" may be the best part of a meal--why are we waiting?  I know people who adhere to that belief, "Life is uncertain; eat dessert first"!  Do something you enjoy!  If you're talking about actual dessert, don't eat your entire dinner so that you have room for dessert.  If you're talking about the sweetest part of the day, then allow yourself that, too.  Skip the gym--once--so that you can spend time doing something else.  Turn off your phone so that you can watch your favorite program.  Buy the "expensive spread" rather than chemically loaded margarine.  Treat yourself!  It doesn't have to be actual dessert but instead something that you love. 

We tend to treat our friends and family better than we treat ourselves.  Why is that?  Why don't we treat ourselves with the same love, compassion and kid gloves?  "Order dessert" is my way of telling you to start treating yourself as sweetly as you treat others in your life!  

We have just two items left, so recapping the entire list so far...

1) Say something silly.
2) Laugh 'til it hurts.
3) Take a risk.
4) Tell a secret.
5) Sing out loud.
6) Rock the boat.
7) Shake things up.
8) Flirt with disaster.
9) Buy something frivolous.
10)Color outside the lines.
11)Cause a scene.
12)Order dessert. 

Have a winning Wednesday!

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