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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You Cooked? For ME?

Last night, I left school at the usual time (5pm), went home and let Jack out then went to Whit's for dinner.  Now we usually do have dinner together at least once during the week, but last night, he cooked for me!  He cooked chicken tenders (not fried), loaded mashed potatoes and carrots.  It was really NICE, even though the potatoes were a little overly salty. He even packed my "lunch" for tomorrow!

It wasn't a special occasion--it was just dinner.  How cool is that?  We laughed, ate, watched Jeopardy! and just enjoyed some "us" time.  Over the weekend, he had the girls, so our "us" time was a little limited.  And you have to know that this was the FIRST time a man has cooked for me.  Such a sweetheart!!

As I was leaving Whit's house, I received a text from my youngest brother, which read, "I was going through photos of you on Facebook.  Look at December 17 vs. February 14.  It's fun! You should hit 100 pounds by Thursday at midnight."  Ha ha!  Not sure where he came up with "Thursday at midnight", but I HOPE!! I am NOT going to wear that necklace until I've hit that 100 mark!  But the truth is, my looks HAVE changed--even since December!  Not that I'm complaining--these changes are good changes!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  (The week is half over! Yaay!)

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