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Friday, February 10, 2012

There's a New Girl in Town...

And she is...drumroll, please...93 pounds lighter than she was!  Ninety-three pounds!  Yay!  I lost five pounds before I had the surgery, so "technically" I've lost 88 pounds since August 5, 2011.  Six months!  I had a great appointment today--the PA is as impressed with my progress as I am, and the amazing news?  She said that most people continue to lose for 18 months!  Of course, I won't continue to lose at the rate I'm losing now, but still!!

On the way home from Raleigh, I stopped at Harris-Teeter to pick up a couple more of those Healthy Choice entrees and to see one of my former students.  She was busy at the customer service desk, so I waited a minute.  She looked up and jumped, saying I startled her.  When I asked why, she said, "Because you don't even look like yourself!"

And she's right.  I don't look like "myself".  At least not the self I've lived with for the past 25-30 years!  This woman in the mirror?  I don't even recognize her, but I do like her looks!

And the photo shows, I'm ridiculously happy!!  Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!  Long day for me--school then basketball--last home game of the year! 


  1. OMG!!!! Your face looks so thin!!!! So proud of you!

  2. Thank you!! I love you!! xoxox

  3. Hey Sis, love your photo. Kirsty

    1. Thanks, Kirsty! And thanks for reading!!