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Monday, February 6, 2012

A GIANT Weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend.  My brother Kriss' team, the NY Giants won the Super Bowl, Buddy and I had a great time at two good movies, Big Miracle and Joyful Noise, and I met Buddy's youngest daughter, "Jenny".  Jenny is fourteen, which is the age I teach, and she's adorable.  We seemed to get along really well, which was a relief! :-)  Being the "friend" of a dad is sometimes tough because you don't know what to expect!  But Jenny was funny and personable, and she hugged me goodbye, which I took as a great sign!

Such a good weekend...and I feel confident that there are more good weekends ahead.  And now it's Monday!  I hope you're ready for the week; if not, take it easy today...and have a manageable Monday!

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