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Friday, February 17, 2012

Day Six of the "To Do List" and Smiling for the Camera!

One of the biggest changes I've noticed since the surgery is my lack of reluctance to get in front of the camera. Before the surgery, I hated having my photo fact, I'd hide in the back or behind someone.  Not any more!  Here's a little proof!  This is Nick, one of my former students who's now in the US Army and who came to visit me today!  He looks great and was REALLY complimentary when he first saw me!  I love this pic--he looks so grown up, and I look rather small!  Especially my upper body!  If you compare this picture to the one on the side that I took the day before my surgery, I think it's pretty impressive!  When I weighed in this morning, I'd lost another pound, which takes my total to 96 pounds!

Today's item from the list is Shake things up.  I think that this has become my mantra!!  Between the new body size and my new hair cut and color, I think I've shaken things up pretty well recently.  How many of you are stuck in a rut?  Working at the same job without even looking to see what else is out there?  Are you wearing your hair the same way that you wore it in the 90s?  In the 80s?  What about your clothing?  Are you wearing clothes that flatter your shape--whatever that shape is?  One thing I've discovered since the surgery is that clothing that doesn't fit well isn't flattering at all.  I used to hide behind big tops--well, I thought I was hiding, but the truth is, those baggy clothes just made me look bigger.  Shake things up a little.  Cut your hair.  Color it.  Get contact lenses or buy new eyeglass frames.  Eyeglasses!  So many times, we fill that prescription and wear the same glasses day after day until we need a new prescription!  How crazy is that?  Would you wear the same shirt every day?  The same jewelry without changing things?  Of course you wouldn't!  Eyeglasses are accessories! (Functional accessories, but accessories, never the less!)  Switch them up!

Choose a different route to work.  Look around and notice the world around you.  Shop at a different grocery store.  Read a book by an author you've never read.  Try a food you've never tried.  There are so many things that we do day to day--try something new!

Recapping the list:
1) Say something silly.
2) Laugh 'til it hurts.
3) Take a risk.
4) Tell a secret.
5) Sing out loud.
6) Rock the boat.
7) Shake things up.
It's FINALLY Friday!  Have a fantastic day!

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