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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The "To Do" List

Saturday I ran errands, first to the mechanic in hope of getting my oil changed.  I say "in hope" because even though I had an appointment, they didn't have a filter for my car.  I waited for 45 minutes until the filter came; more than 40 minutes passed before I found out that they also didn't have a wrench to remove the plastic cover of the filter.  Argh.  So I asked them to replace the oil that they'd drained, and I'll try to get there one day after school to get the filter replaced.

After that, I ran to Raleigh and bought Buddy's "big" Valentine's Day gift.  He says he's not reading the blog anymore--and he probably isn't--but I'm not going to tell you what I bought him until after the big day. (He's not reading it anymore because my writing about him/us is a little weird for him.  I don't blame him and offered to stop mentioning him, but he wants me to write whatever I want.)  A "first" Valentine's Day is tough--how do you buy the "right" gift?  You have to find something that isn't "too".  Not too serious, not too "lovey", not too casual...just not "too".  The "big" gift is something he can use for the year--and yes, I am hoping that by the year's end that we're still together!  I also got him some "small" gifts, including some of his favorite (thanks to my introduction) Kinder chocolate from Germany.  I also put together adorable gift bags for his two youngest daughters, "Jenny" and "Jackie".  They are 14 and 16, so I bought some chocolate (of course) and a few little "heart" gifts.  I also bought them the sweetest pop-up gift enclosure cards--Jenny's is a puppy in a florist shop, and I bought Jackie (who loves Paris) a little pop-up Paris scene with an Eiffel Tower surrounded by hearts.  

I bought myself a couple presents today, too.  Of course, I bought earrings, but that's for another day.  What I wanted to tell you is that I bought this great poster at World Market.  It's entitled "To Do List".  I thought I'd share the list with you.  I showed it to Buddy (he and I had dinner Saturday night while the girls were at a dance) and told him I planned to share the list with my readers.  His suggestion was to share one idea a day, which was brilliant!  So here's today's:

Say something silly/laugh 'til it hurts. Okay, this is actually the first TWO on the list, but I think they go together perfectly!  When was the last time you laughed until you hurt?  I'm so happy to say that Buddy and I do this often!  One of us will say something silly; the other will follow up with something sillier, and the next thing you know, we've got tears streaming down our faces as we giggle until we ache!  Buddy is a master of the pun--and he and I will go back and forth until we can barely breathe!

So...your homework assignment for today: Go for it.  Say something silly and then laugh until it hurts! And have a supreme Sunday!!

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