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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who is That Woman?

Public displays of affection!  I would never have allowed that, and yet on Tuesday night Buddy and I were making out in the parking lot of the Fresh Market when a man who was watching the scene yelled out, "Oh, don't stop now!".  I was mortified.  I had never been part of something like that!  We giggled and the man went on to yell, "It's okay--I've got my own redhead here!"

It was so funny--and while I was slightly embarrassed, I loved it.  I never had anything to do with PDAs when I was with James.  He tried to grab my butt in public once or twice, and I quickly quashed that!  Buddy's all over me, and I just go with it.  Certainly that has to mean something!

I am still battling this sinus thing, so I'm going to cut this very short, but I wonder how many of you are saying no to PDAs and other fun things because you're 1) worried what people will say, 2) with the wrong person or 3) not confident enough about who you are to enjoy a PDA. (or whatever...)  I spoke to Buddy about this, and he asked me why I didn't let James. I had to think about it for a while.  I think in part it was because I was uncomfortable within my own skin and in part because I didn't want him to touch me like that.  With Buddy, it's so easy, so natural, so...sigh.

Thursday!  Make it thoughtful! Love you!

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