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Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Just Don't Learn...

I just don't learn.  Not when it comes to food.  Not when it comes to relationships.  Not when it comes to much of anything.

Ironic, since I'm a freaking teacher!  Sigh.  I love pizza.  Um, scratch that.  I loved pizza, past tense.  I can't eat it anymore.  I stopped at Pizza Hut after school today and bought a "personal pan pizza".  Yes, they are having a "any size for $10" sale, but I can't eat that much.  I ate one teeny slice and immediately felt sick.  I can't eat pizza.  Remind me of that from time to time, would you?

Not sure what the weekend holds, except that I definitely want to go see "Big Miracle".  It looks amazing to me, and I cried the first time I saw the trailer.  Yeah, that's me.  Crybaby extraordinaire.  Anyway, I'm going to go see it--probably alone, which is okay...I'm pretty good company.

Have a super Saturday, everyone...and whatever you do, do it with a smile

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