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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Part Four of the "To Do List"...and a New 'Do...

Tuesday, I practically ran out of school to my hair appointment with Charley.  She had expressed an interest in adding highlights when I saw her for the cut a few weeks ago, and I agreed to let her to it.  Here's the result:
I think I like it, but it's too soon for me to tell.  I'm just getting used to a different look in the mirror, and I go and change things up again!  Go figure!

And I'm not the only one who isn't used to the different look.  My friend Toshia walked right past me at the basketball game last night, and didn't recognize me until I grabbed her arm!  When I went to get my car's oil changed Saturday, the mechanic's wife, who works the phone/desk, didn't recognize me right away.  Granted, she hadn't seen me in 93 pounds, but still...!

Part four of the "To Do List" is this: Sing out loud.  Buddy's youngest daughter asked me if I sing.  I answered, "Not well!"  But truth is, my voice isn't terrible.  I can certainly carry a tune, but I'm often too shy to sing in public.  Why?  I was in chorus as a kid, although I didn't make the cut the first time I auditioned.  And I do love to turn up my iPhone and sing my heart out in the privacy of my home or my car, but I think it's time to stretch a bit!

So...recapping the list thus far:
1) Say something silly
2) Laugh 'til it hurts
3) Take a risk
4) Tell a secret
5) Sing out loud.

Have a wild and wonderful Wednesday!
PS: Our boys won their play-off berth in basketball, and they play again Thursday night in Graham, NC.  I haven't decided if I'm going, but if I do, I may not post that night!

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