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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Part Seven of the "To Do List"--Flirting With Disaster

Flirting with disaster.  THAT's the eighth item on the list.  Whose brilliant idea was that?  Who wants to flirt with disaster?  Flirt with cute boys, sure.  Flirt with old men?  Why not?  But flirting with disaster? Well, why not?  First, let's talk about that word "flirt".  According to, the word means:

1. to court triflingly or act amorously without serious intentions; play at love; coquet.
2. to trifle or toy, as with an idea: She flirted with the notion of buying a sports car.
3. to move with a jerk or jerks; dart about: butterflies flirting from flower to flower.

So flirting isn't supposed to be serious.  It's supposed to be light and playful.  Do NOT invite disaster into your home--disaster is like a vampire, if you invite it in, you'll be devoured!  Instead, tease disaster a close to the edge but not so close that you fall in!  Have FUN with the potential of disaster...the rush of taking that risk without the painful reality that accompanies disaster when you have a REAL encounter!

I have flirted with disaster...and am happy to report that I came close to the edge but survived nicely!  First, let me say that I regret nicknaming my guy "Buddy".  It implies a platonic relationship, and ours is much more than that.  So...from here on, I'm going to call him "Whit".  That's a really appropriate name because he is so smart, so witty, so funny!  Anyway, he and I, through a series of miscommunications, almost crashed and burned Thursday night...and trust me, that's as close to disaster as I ever want to be! I really walked "the edge" by pouring my feelings out in an email to him--something that I probably wouldn't have done before.  It was the communication that was needed.  And although it was very risky on my part--I made myself completely vulnerable--it WORKED.  He and I are back on track--and probably stronger than ever.

Remember--you're flirting with disaster, NOT inviting it home.  Be careful!  Have a sweet Saturday!

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