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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Part Three of the "To Do List"...and Valentine's Day...

Monday night was my Valentine's Day with Buddy because my school has a play-off basketball game at school tonight.  I wish Buddy could join me, but it's kind of late for him on a work night--the boys' game doesn't start until 7:30pm, which means it won't be over before 9:00 or 9:30pm, and then he has an hour's drive home, and he gets up really early for work. So we had our Valentine's Day last night.  

We started with dinner at Olive Garden, where I arrived earlier than he, so I went in and got a table.  He hadn't "shopped" for Valentine's Day yet, so I waited for him, and I was really happy when he walked in with a beautiful single, deep pink rose.  So sweet!! I had told him not to buy me flowers because I hate that the stores put the prices up just because they can!  So one rose was perfect!  We had a great dinner--he ordered the Tour of Italy (lasagna, fettucine alfredo and chicken parmesan) so that I could eat off his plate!  Our server, Amir, misunderstood that we were sharing and split the meal onto two plates, but I don't eat pasta, so I slipped everything back onto his plate except the half piece of chicken.  And even at that, I couldn't eat the entire half.  I ate three bites of salad, half of a breadstick and almost half of the chicken.  We even ordered dessert--the zeppoli, which are Italian "doughnuts".  I think they're made of fried pizza dough, rolled in sugar and served with chocolate sauce.  Before the surgery, my friend Crystal and I would demolish an order, but I had half of one and a third of another.  (They're about two inches long and you get about eight in an order...)  We ended up taking home two boxes--Buddy will eat well for lunch tomorrow!  After dinner, we went out to the cars.  I pulled over so that he could pass me so I could follow him home, and he got out of the car and brought me another 11 roses!  Then we went back to his house for a little while.  We exchanged gifts--I bought him a "Power Pass" from the IMAX theatre in Raleigh and a few other things.  He also had three adorable little stuffed animals--ostensibly for Jack, but no way would I give such adorable things to Jack who would decapitate them in a second!  And probably the sweetest gesture of the evening?  He bought two bags of candy for me to give my students tomorrow!!  I feel so lucky to have such a great guy in my life!! part three as promised.  Today's directive: Tell a secret.  Wow.  I have shared so much with you that I don't know if I have any secrets to share.'s a biggie: When I first went to the surgeon in May 2011, I weighed 305.  Over THREE HUNDRED POUNDS!  Arghhhh.  I have never been about numbers, but I'm sure that people are curious.  So...I did.  I weighed 305; this morning when I weighed in, I weighed in at 210.  That's 95 pounds less than I did in August!!  I still have quite a ways to go, (although I don't have a specific goal--I'm just sure that when my body is at the "right" weight, I'll stop losing.)  Right now, I'm losing a little more than the expected 10 pounds/month, but that's okay.  I feel great.  I eat plenty.  I'm really happier than I imagined I ever could be!

Recapping the "list":
1) Say something silly.
2) Laugh 'til it hurts.
3) Take a risk.
4) Tell a secret.

It's Tuesday; hope yours is just terrific! And Happy Valentine's Day--I LOVE you ALL!!

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