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Friday, February 24, 2012

The End of the List--and A Beginning

The "To Do" list has provided me with two weeks' of great ideas for posts.  And today's post is the last one based on the list, but I do want to talk about beginnings.

Starting something new can be exhilarating and thrilling, but it can also be frightening and anxiety causing.  Since the surgery, I've had several "new starts".  But the beginning I want to talk about today is the beginning of a relationship.  (Yeah, I know...I'm going to talk about him again.)

New relationships are scary waters to navigate.  Yet those same waters can be so much fun to be submerged in that one can forget to come to the surface to breathe (also known as reality!)  Of course new relationships are's exciting getting to know someone date and go fun places and eat good food and maybe see good movies.  But what happens when the shine of brand new wears thin?  What then?  Is there anything left on which to base a continuation of the relationship? No one is perfect--but sometimes early in a relationship, we try to put on a persona that isn't exactly truthful.  In my relationship with Whit, I have been so amazingly happy--happier than I ever thought I could be.  AND I've remembered to surface and breathe!  By that I mean that I've taken regular reality checks.  I ask myself if I'm being genuine with Whit (I am.)  I've asked myself if he's being genuine with me.  (Oh, yeah.) 

He and I "fit together."  It's an incredible experience for me.  We have fought.  We have made up.  We have talked.  And talked.  And talked.  We have bared our souls and hoped for the best, and we have found ourselves closer than ever.  I am in love--perhaps for the first time in my life.  What a great beginning! (At the ripe old age of 54!)

Today's the last day of the "To Do" list--and the item is an easy one: Have a great day!  I hope you've enjoyed the list as much as I have...recapping it:

1) Say something silly.
2) Laugh 'til it hurts.
3) Take a risk.
4) Tell a secret.
5) Sing out loud.
6) Rock the boat.
7) Shake things up.
8) Flirt with disaster.
9) Buy something frivolous.
10)Color outside the lines.
11)Cause a scene.
12)Order dessert.
13)Get carried away.
14)Have a great day!
I'm going to go one better than that--have a great weekend!  It's Friday! Hope yours is FANTASTIC! 

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