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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Cut or Not to Cut...

I've been thinking about cutting the posts back to every other day--or maybe once a week.   I feel like I'm repeating myself often--and how exciting can that be for you as readers?  What do you think?  Should I continue to post daily or cut it back a little?

I have a cold/sinus problem/allergies (and yes, I think it's a combination of all three) and went to bed early last night!  I also am SO tired; my mother says I'm "burning my candle at both ends" which is her way of telling me I'm doing too much!  And I suppose she's right--last week, I was home right after school only once the entire week, and that's because the game was cancelled!  But I love going to basketball games--and seeing and spending time with Whit and the girls!

Let me know your opinion on posting less...this is brief today because I have to get ready for school!  Have a terrific Tuesday!
PS: How about The Artist?  If you have a chance, see it!! 

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