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Friday, February 3, 2012

Same Side Sitters and Other Tongue Twisters...

Buddy and I are "same side sitters".  For the unfamiliar, "SSS"s are those couples who sit on the same side of the table or booth even when it's not because there is someone else sitting across from them.  You've seen them in restaurants--they are the sickeningly sweet couples who either make you smile or roll your eyes in disgust.  I had never been an SSS until I met Buddy.  The first time he suggested that I sit next to him, we were in Cracker Barrel and ostensibly, the idea was to sit where I could see the fireplace.  I sat next to him, which threw our server off a bit since I had been sitting across from him when she took our orders, and I felt a bit odd for a little while.  When I relaxed, I realized how nice it was to be sitting next to him rather than reaching hands across the table.

Since that first time, he and I have sat on the same side in every restaurant in which we've eaten.  Not only am I used to it now, but I really like it.  And yes, I see the looks--the wistful smiles on women who remember sitting like that when their relationships were young, and the "oh, brother" looks from those who either never sat that way or cannot remember doing so and the men whose looks seem to scream, "What are you, nuts?  Now my wife/girlfriend/mistress is going to expect ME to sit like that with HER!"  I used to be one of those glaring women--I thought it was so "yucky" (for lack of another word) that a couple would demonstrate their feelings in such a way.  Used to be.  87 pounds and a (seemingly) lifetime ago.

I am genuinely amazed at how great I feel about myself and how open and adventurous I've become.  I really am willing to try anything these days...I've even thought about going skydiving and bungee jumping!  The sky really IS my limit these days!  Yesterday morning, I put on my new-from-the-dryer black jeans to wear to school.  Now as I said before, I honestly do NOT remember the last time I had zip-up jeans--or slacks of any kind for that matter.  But yesterday, as I lay on the bed so that I could zip them up, I was transported back to my teens when lying flat was the only way to get freshly dried jeans zipped up.  No more "mom" jeans for this woman.  No more stretchy waistbands.  I'm back in the "lie down to zip up" club!  And boy, does THAT feel good!

It's Friday, folks.  Have a FABULOUS, FIERCE, FANTASTIC day!

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