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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Buddy System...

I had a great time with "Buddy" at the movies, although I don't necessarily recommend The Grey.  It was dark, suspenseful, gory and used the "F-bomb" a LOT.  I literally jumped out of my seat twice!  It was my first time out with Buddy since we decided to see other people--well, he decided and I agreed to it.  I thought about it after leaving him--he and I met in person a month ago.  A MONTH ago today.  Just one month, and I think we've been out together eight or nine times.  No wonder he's feeling scared--we've crammed three months' worth of dating into a month!

My mother told me I should "play the field". She said that before she met my father, she dated three guys in one night! I don't know how she did it, given the fact that I'm struggling with two guys in one weekend!

I asked Buddy yesterday if he wants to be just "buddies".  I asked because this situation is making me crazy and because I want to be fair to him.  If we were buddies, we wouldn't have to worry about hurting the other...we could date other people and even talk to each other about it.  Of course, I don't really want to be just "buddies" with him...I think what we have is really special, but I care enough about him to give him the option.

Well, the good news is that he doesn't want to be just "buddies", either.  And he bought me roses!  And yet I have this gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach that someone is going to get hurt.  I hope I'm wrong... In the meantime, please pray for me (if you're the praying type)that I'll be patient with this wonderful man while he works to figure things out.

I go to my surgeon next Thursday, February 9th, for my six-month checkup.  At that time, I'll get an "official" weight, but for now, according to my bathroom scale, I'm down 86 pounds.  86 pounds! Fourteen away from 100!!  So incredibly surreal!

Have a meaningful Monday!

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  1. Just when you thought things couldn't be more fabulous! Just go with it girl! Having risk anxiety is kind of a good thing, that means your heart is in the right place! Whatever happens, these men are lucky to have met you! Can't wait to hear about your appointment!