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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Second Date and a First Kiss...

I had a great time in Virginia Beach yesterday!  We went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch, (where I had grilled chicken, a few mashed potatoes and grapes--very good, except that they charge a $2.00 "upcharge" for anyone who's not a kid), then took the train into downtown Norfolk, where we walked the mall, and I bought the COOLEST nail polish at Nordstrom's.  (Yes, I paid way too much for it, but it's sooo cool!  It changes color--depending on how you look at it, like that customized car paint!!  It's aqua from one angle and lavender from another!)  After the mall, we took the train back to where the car was parked, and we then went to a park where we walked some more!  Then we went to the movies, where we saw "Haywire".  It was a pretty good movie, but the date was great.  John held my hand during the movie, put his arm around me on the way to the car and finally kissed me goodbye.  The kiss was nice--not insistent, no pushy tongue, just a lovely way to end a great day. 

Yes, I had fun, but of course I feel conflicted.  The idea of dating other people wasn't MY idea, but as long as that's what Buddy wants...Still, I'm a little concerned because it's pretty apparent that John likes me a LOT.  I don't want anyone to get hurt--not John, not Buddy and certainly not me!

While at Nordstrom's, I found a great pair of jeans--the brand is "Not Your Daughter's Jeans", which I think is hysterical.  Anyway, they were dark and gorgeous--but $120!  I don't know if I'd ever spend that kind of money on jeans, but especially not now while I'm still losing weight!  Maybe I'll eventually get there--to where I don't faint when I look at a price like that, but...I have to realize that I'm worth more than Walmart's $16 stretch jeans, but $120 seems an extreme, too...

Today is Sunday; I get to spend the afternoon doing what I love with Buddy--we're going to see "The Grey".  I really am looking forward to seeing Buddy--we always have such a great time together!  The movie looks intense but good.  I'll let you know!  Have a safe and special Sunday!

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