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Friday, January 27, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes...Revisited

When I wrote yesterday's blog, I was reeling a bit from my conversation with "Buddy".  He and I have been having a great time--apparently too great a time, because he's a little scared and wants to "slow down".  Well, given a good night's sleep, I realized that he's absolutely right! I need to explore my new life and the options out there; my dating "pool" is growing exponentially as I lose this weight.  Plus we're going to continue to see each other, so I'm going to see John on Saturday, Buddy on Sunday and who knows after that!

I had another epiphany today as well!  Today, Latishea wore one of the tops I gave her--one of my favorites: the purple and black big shirt.  I had tried it on the day before I washed it and packed it away for her--and I swam in it!  It was huge.  The top looked good on Latishea--and it fit her perfectly.  I've been feeling like she and I are the same size still, and today I realized that that just isn't true!  It really truly hit home; I have lost a considerable amount of weight!!

I know that sounds stupid inasmuch as I've lost more than EIGHTY pounds, but you have to understand that the numbers are meaningless.  Let's see if I can explain--for eight years, I drove a red Mitsubishi Mirage.  Then I bought a black Dodge Stratus.  For two years or more, I "felt" like I was still driving the Mitsu, and when I caught a glimpse of myself and the car in a store window, I was blown away.  I knew that I was in the bigger car, but I still felt like I was driving the little one.  Now I'm driving a bright blue Toyota Corolla, and I still feel like I'm driving the Dodge, even though I truly love my Toyota!

That's the way it is with this weight loss.  I love this new body, but I still think I'm "driving" the old one!  Just as I don't realize how small the Toyota is until I pull into a parking space, I don't realize how much smaller I am until I try to put "big" clothes on!

It's finally Friday, friends!!  Enjoy it! 

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