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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Total...and A Nice Surprise

I weighed in at home today--and finally!  I've lost 80 pounds.  80 pounds! That's the weight of an average sixth grade girl.  I've been carrying around a sixth grader!  No wonder my knees feel better now that I'm not!

I'm just twenty pounds away from 100.  My friend Daisy said I should buy myself a piece of jewelry to commemorate that milestone, and I'm beginning to think she's right.  One hundred pounds is monumental!  And anyone who knows me knows I don't need a reason to buy jewelry!  I found a beautiful pair of earrings on  If you've never visited that website, I highly recommend.  Artisans, often from third-world countries, create beautiful works of wearable (and just displayable) art.  National Geographic sponsors this site, and the payment goes to the artist rather than some fat-cat middleman.  Additionally, items come absolutely beautifully packaged!  I may just get these earrings that I love so much in twenty pounds! 

And now for my surprise.  My new friend, (whom I call "Buddy" here to give him a little privacy) made a special trip to come see me! We went out for supper and then to the basketball game at school.  He couldn't stay through the varsity game, but he did manage to stay for the junior varsity win.  He was a very good sport--one of my coworkers sent her daughter to try to sneak a photograph of the two of us, but Buddy caught her at it!  He was very good natured about it...and we laughed it off, but I think that a lesser man would've been scared off!  It was a great surprise as I didn't expect to see him again until the Homecoming game on the 20th!  I really have so much fun with this guy; he's funny and sweet, kind and handsome.  I didn't expect to like him so much so quickly, but it's like finding money in the pocket of a coat you haven't worn in a while--an absolutely lovely surprise!

It's Wednesday, half way through the work week!  I hope that life has a lovely surprise or two in store for you as it has had for me!

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